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Copper Powder factory
Product Description: 
Metallic copper powder is mainly used for external electrodes of multilayered ceramic capacitor. 
Recently, copper has been attracting much attention as the alternative material to silver and developing a new powder to improve the oxidation resistance.
Product Parameter 
Factory Photo: 
The factory sets research, production in nanometer field, such as copper nanoparticle and cupric oxide powder .The factory has invested nearly $ 1 million to build the R and D center. 
Our metallic copper powder and copper oxide powder have five characteristics: fast dissolution rate, high purity, and super low acid and insoluble matter, ultra-low chloride content and lighter weight. 
They have been successfully applicated in electronics, anti-bacterial field, catalysts, aerospace, metallurgy, lubricating oil, circuit boards horizontal copper plating additives and so on. 
An advanced technology service provider, is not belonging to the nation but also the world. 
Other Information: 
Although metallic copper powder is one of the best known conductive metals and most electrical wires are made of copper, it will not show any conductivity when it is in the form of powder. 
This often comes as a surprise for those who are trying to make a conductive ink or conductive paint using copper powder. 
The reason that copper powder does not show any conductivity is the loose contact between particles, oxides on the surface and low voltage used to test conductivity. 
E-mail: sales@yosoar.com Copper Powder factory

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